Internet-Service Providers

About Us

Onward is proud to partner with Culver City to bring you the fastest internet and wi-fi speeds available via Culver Connect. Onward, formerly known as Inyo Networks, has been a nationally recognized internet service provider and broadband network operator since 2009.

Inyo Networks is a registered CLEC (Competitive Local Exchange Carrier) in both California and Nevada. The company is responsible for the management and business operations of both the Digital 395 network and a much broader network, expanding every day. This network serves 36 communities, 7 tribal reservations, 26,000 households and 2,500 businesses. We provide fiber optic internet network services on Vandenberg AFB, Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake, Mountain Warfare Training Center US Marine Corps Base, Nellis AFB and Edwards AFB. Onward (as Inyo Networks) is also the network manager for Culver Connect, OntarioNet, and RC Fiber.


  • Up to 1 Gb Internet Service on an All Fiber Network
  • Voice Over IP
  • 24/7 Network Operations Center